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What is the difference between UHMWPE and UHMW?


Plastic sheet is more and more widely used in people's life and industrial applications, and our reliance on plastic is also increasing, among which, both UHMWPE and HDPE are more commonly used in various industries, but for many people it is still unclear whether these two materials are the same, and if not, what is the difference between them. In this article, we will introduce the difference between UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet in terms of performance and processing application, so that you can better distinguish what is the difference between UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet to help you better choose the right material to meet your business needs. In addition, we will also compare other materials or metal materials that can be replaced by UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet, so as to analyze the development space of UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet in various industries in the future. We hope that by reading this article, you can gain more knowledge about UHMWPE and HDPE materials and improve your understanding of their applications.

The difference and comparison of the performance of UHMWPE and HDPE materials

UHMWPE material with molecular weight over 1 million polyethylene is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent comprehensive performance in linear structure. UHMWPE has super wear resistance, self-lubricating, high strength, stable chemical properties and strong anti-aging properties, HDPE also has these properties, but the performance of UHMWPE is far better than HDPE, usually the toughness and temperature resistance of UHMWPE material is more stable, UHMWPE material will only become soft to 200 degrees and will not be deformed. UHMWPE material will only become soft but not deformed by 200 degrees.


UHMWPE sheet and bar

UHMWPE material usually has several molecular weights, 5 million molecular weight / 8 million molecular weight and 9.2 million molecular weight, the higher the molecular weight, the more stable its performance and longer service life under the same conditions.







HDPE sheet and bar

 HDPE materials are usually only about 100,000 molecular weight. The difference between polyethylene and UHMWPE is that UHMWPE has enough strength to achieve the wear and impact resistance that is not possible with other lower polymeric products.






 What materials can be replaced by UHMWPE and HDPE in various applications and the prospects of both materials in industry applications.

 UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet are both very widely used engineering plastic sheets, and at the same time they both have very excellent performance. Due to the influence of traditional metal in weight, price, processing difficulty, etc. UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet gradually replace some metal parts through their own advantages of light material quality, low price and easy processing, etc. Moreover, plastic friction is less sound than metal, which reduces noise. Light quality UHMWPE sheet and HDPE sheet also reduce a lot of transportation cost. But the advantages of metal in terms of hardness and deformation are still more obvious, so you have to choose the right material for you according to the environment of your application.

UPE buffer block
The uhmwpe plate can be used in textile, paper making, food machinery, transportation, medical, coal mining, chemical and other sectors. Such as the textile industry on the bobbin bar, gear, sweeping flower rod, buffer block, eccentric block, rod sleeve and other impact-resistant wear parts. Paper industry to do box cover plate, water scraper, eccentric guide wheel, scraper, etc.; transport industry to do powder material hopper, bin, chute lining. Due to its low material adhesion, non-toxic and odorless, self-lubricating properties, the material occupies a large number of applications in the above applications.


HDPE slide rail

HDPE board can be used to make skating board, hockey board, vegetable board, cutting board, tank, rail, guide bar, earthmoving carriage board, dumping carriage board, etc.

Compare to other plastics

Nylon plastic: Nylon sheet has higher temperature resistance, hardness and specific gravity.

POM plastic: POM sheet is relatively hard, but relatively brittle. Toughness is not good, processing is easy to deformation

PVC: The biggest advantage of PVC is its low price, but it performs poorly in terms of strength and temperature stability.

HDPE guide rail


The difference between UHMWPE and HDPE molding and processing methods

UHWMPE CNC machining

The ultra-high molecular weight of UHMW polyethylene means that it does not melt and flows like a liquid, hence the processing methods derived from powder metal technology. Traditional plastics processing techniques, such as injection molding, blow molding and heat setting, cannot be applied to UHMWPE. Extrusion molding is the most common process applied to this resin, which produces a much tougher product. In the finished product processing, because UHMWPE has good toughness and high hardness, it is more difficult in processing, and the type of product processing is more limited. UHMWPE also needs enough experience in CNC processing to better complete the product processing requirements.

HDPE CNC machining

HDPE has excellent fluidity and is produced by two high-pressure liquid-phase processes, namely the kettle method and the tubular method. The polymer produced by the kettle process has a narrow molecular weight distribution with more branched chains; while the product of the tubular process has a wider molecular weight distribution and fewer branched chains. Polyethylene sheet because of its excellent performance and easy processing characteristics, in the finished product processing can do more complex workpiece, which, CNC products also occupy a large part of the processed products, and other similar shaped guide type of products.



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