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Plastic materials in the transport industry
In recent years, with the deepening of trade globalization, logistics property continues to heat up. Under the situation of high growth of logistics property, logistics property highlights two major characteristics. First, the high-speed and steady economic development makes the market more and more urgent demand for efficient and fast modern logistics. The second is the degree of logistics underlying equipment, skills and equipment.
Among them, logistics can not be separated from the plastic pallet. A product from the moment it leaves the production line, it has an inseparable relationship with the pallet, transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, flow, distribution of all these logistics keys, if there is no pallet, to consume several times, dozens of times more time and labor. As long as the goods are placed in the Chen specifications consistent with a certain volume of the shape of the goods unit, it is possible to achieve mechanization, initiative, to really reach the goal of reducing costs and improving the obedience. It can be said that the plastic pallet is the logistics of each key seamless fundamental appliances, if the lack of pallets, modern logistics property integration, standardization and speedy response cannot be discussed. More reusable, the procurement cost is also lower.
From the cutting-edge plastic materials see the advantages that new plastic materials get in high-speed moving cars: energy savings, vibration and noise reduction. Consider the energy saving aspect, as much as possible in the selection and manufacturing process of insulation, instrument panels or polycarbonate windows to save. In terms of material selection the railroad industry must utilize cutting-edge plastics. So in the future it is expected that more new materials will be put into the transportation industry.
Application of Beeplastic plastic material
PE: 1. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, reliable hygiene performance;
2. Resistant to acid, alkali, salt and many kinds of chemicals, stable performance.
3. Balanced physical and mechanical properties, outstanding humidity and moisture resistance:
4. molding and processing performance is excellent, can be easily made into sheets, films, containers, flat wire and other plastic products for packaging, and low price, so the application in the packaging is extremely widespread.
HDPE:1. The best mechanical strength of polyethylene;
2. It is the best one among all kinds of plastics in water vapor barrier ability;
3. Among several kinds of polyethylene, it is the worst variety in terms of flexibility and transparency, and LDPE should be used when products with good flexibility and transparency are needed.
Polyvinyl PS:
1. easy to mold, high transparency, easy to color.
2. Light weight, low price
3Low water absorption, dimensionally stable
4Excellent electrical properties
Polycoolamine (Nylon, PA):
1. Balance of rigidity and toughness
2. Self-lubrication and abrasion resistance
3. Resistant to solvents, gasoline and lubricants
4. Puncture resistance is particularly outstanding, and it is very advantageous for packaging of food with bones, etc.
Decisively choose beeplastic
Since its inception, Beeplastic has been providing high-quality machined and fabricated plastic parts for a wide range of industries and applications using cutting-edge industrial plastics. We offer a variety of production methods - including advanced CNC machining, solvent and adhesive bonding - to manufacture fully customized customer-specific parts.
To realize your vision, Beplastic's engineering staff will work with you on material selection, sizing and design to ensure the final product meets all of your exact needs.
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