Chemical processing industry

Application of plastics in chemical industry
Plastics are an important presence in the chemical industry, with specialty and engineered materials making a significant contribution to this industry.
Among them worldwide due to material corrosion, consuming a large amount of resources, causing huge losses to mankind, hindering the development of productivity, and further leading to the deterioration of the global environmental situation. According to the statistics of some industrial countries, the direct loss caused by corrosion reaches 2% to 4% of the gross national product (GNP), and the most developed United States is as high as 4% or more.
As a new class of materials, plastics have relatively excellent chemical inertness and other good overall performance and have been used in the field of corrosion prevention in large quantities. Plastic corrosion prevention is a marginal discipline, the study and mastery of plastic corrosion prevention principles and applications, to further promote and expand the application of plastics in the field of corrosion prevention, saving social wealth and resources has a very positive significance.
This, whether as laboratory equipment or containers in the chemical industry or related parts, the acid and alkali resistance and high and low temperature resistance, gas tightness, stability, and other related material properties in plastics to help with this industry.
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