nylon plastics

Nylon Sheet & Rod (PA)

Overview: Polyamide, a material with superior overall performance, including mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical shock absorption and wear resistance, plus good electrical insulation ability and chemical resistance, used in the manufacture of mechanical structure parts and maintainable parts, use temperature -40-105℃.
Product characteristics: mechanical strength, stiffness, heat and wear resistance, good creep resistance, mechanical damping properties, very suitable for automatic lathe mechanical processing.
Scope of application: automotive industry, electrical and electronic industry, transportation industry, machinery manufacturing industry, wire and cable communication industry, daily necessities, etc.
Application areas: bearings, gears, round gears, cams, bevel gears, oil pipeline reservoir protectors, support frames, wheel covers, deflectors, fan air filter housings, radiator water chamber brake pipes, engine covers, door handles, etc.
Color: beige, white, black, blue, gray, red.

Performance parameters table

Projects Standard Unit Numerical value
Density ASTM D792 g/cm3 1.14
Yield tensile strength ASTM D638 MPa 74
Elongation at break ASTM D638 % 5
bending strength ASTM 790 MPa 90
Flexural modulus ASTM 790 D 200
Shore hardness ASTM D2240 J/M 85
impact strength ASTM D256 50
melting point DSC 220
Thermal deformation temperature ASTM D648 70
Long term operating temperature - 85
Short term operating temperature - W/(K-M) 160
Thermal conductivity DIN 52612-1 10-5-1/K 0.23
Coefficient of linear expansion ASTM D696 KV-mm 8
Dielectric strength ASTM D150 - 25
dielectric loss coefficient ASTM D150 Ω.cm 0.032
Bulk resistance ASTM D257 Ω


Surface resistance ASTM D257 -


dielectric constant ASTM D149 % 4.2
Equilibrium water absorption 23℃ 60%RH 1.28
Acid resistance 23℃ 60%RH -
Alkali resistance +
Acid alkali water resistance +
Resistance to chlorine acid and alkali 0
Resistance to aromatic compounds +
Ketone resistance 23℃ 60%RH +
Hot water resistance 23℃ 60%RH +
Combustibility UL 94 HB
Stickability - +
Nontoxic and harmless EEC 90/128 FDA +
friction coefficient DIN 53375 0.36
UVioresistant - -

Note: 1. "+" can be tolerated, "-" is not tolerated, "0" depends on the situation.
2. The above data are obtained from raw material test data, and the performance of the finished product is not exactly the same, the uniqueness of the data is not guaranteed.


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