Laser Cutting

Beeplastic has advanced laser cutting equipment to make your customization easier!

Plastic Laser Cutting

Do your needs require precise cutting? Is the cut line curvilinear? Do your needs require a high degree of edge flatness? Do your needs require graphics and text to be scanned on the plastic material? If your needs have such a situation, then beeplastic's advanced equipment and professional team of engineers will provide you with quality laser cutting customization services.

laser Cutting

Beeplastic factory laser equipment advanced, the equipment has a huge power limit, can be adjusted for the thickness level of the plate, we can provide any custom laser service, not limited to the number and laser line and scan out the pattern, can be based on all kinds of specific needs, with our experienced engineers to help any industry of business and individual customers, the perfect completion of any custom needs. Usually we need to understand your design file first, you can provide DWG, DXF, CDR, PDF drawings or other files, contact our professional engineers, our engineers will customize the processing according to the design needs of the file. Of course, if you need custom production with high demand, we are free to provide laser service. Custom production we will quote you a favorable price, and if your purchase volume is large, we will increase the discount.For specific offers contact us at

Contact beeplastic for custom laser cut, scanned out patterned plastic sheets and rods, please communicate with us your requirements ---- design ---- material ---- size ---- diameter ---- and get our quotation.

Laser engraving of scanned plastic

Beeplastic offers sheets and round bars in a variety of transparencies, colors, thickness grades, and sizes, and custom materials typically include.
  1. laser cutting plasticABS
  2. PEEK
  3. PI
  4. PP
  5. NYLON
  6. PE
  7. PC
  8. POM
  9. PP
  10. PU
....... more

Other services include: precision engraving and scanning of custom patterns.

laser cutting plastic

Laser-related issues

Beeplastic works strictly to tight tolerances and smooth edges
Our equipment can maintain tight dimensional tolerances and use beeplastic's exclusively developed and designed professional standard laser software system to complete your perfectly beautiful plastic sheets, while beeplastic also offers free shipping packages to meet your specific requirements on box markings.

Laser capability:
Computerized laser to ensure tolerance and edge flatness.

Large processing plants to meet your high-volume needs.
Save you time and money by providing relevant cutting knowledge.

Immediately send your drawings to, allowing you to get your customization at the best price.
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