PEI Material


Overview: PEI (polyetherimide) plastic material is a high performance engineering plastic with excellent thermal stability, mechanical properties, chemical stability and electrical insulation properties. Our e-commerce website is dedicated to providing high quality PEI material customization and processing services to meet customers' needs in various applications.
Product features: 1. High heat resistance: PEI materials have excellent heat resistance, with long-term use temperature up to 170℃. 2. Excellent mechanical properties: with high tensile strength, impact strength and wear resistance. 3. Excellent corrosion resistance: PEI material has good chemical stability and can be used in acid, alkali and other harsh environments for a long time. 4. Good electrical insulation: PEI material still has excellent electrical insulation performance in high temperature and humid environment.
Application industries: 1. aerospace: used in the manufacture of aircraft parts, guides, pipes and other components; 2. medical equipment: used in the preparation of surgical instruments accessories or medical equipment that need to be subject to daily disinfection and cleaning treatment 3. electronics: used in the manufacture of high-temperature components, connectors and insulation materials, etc.; 4. automotive industry: used in the production of engines, oil pumps and other automotive parts; 5. industrial applications: used to strengthen the durability requirements of equipment operating in water or air.
Color: including transparent amber, black.

Performance parameters table

attribute unit numerical value
tensile strength Mpa 90~150
Bending module Gpa 2.8~3.5
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 0.25
Heat resistant temperature (long-term) 170
Water absorption rate % <0.2
Insulation resistivity Ω.cm  <1016

Note: 1. "+" can be tolerated, "-" cannot be tolerated, "0" depends on the situation.
2. The above data are obtained from the raw material test data, and the performance of the finished product is not exactly the same, do not guarantee the uniqueness of the data.

BeePlastics has been in the plastics industry for over 20 years and is one of many plastics manufacturers that produce, and process high quality products using PEI materials and provide quality plastics solutions to companies around the world. Contact BeePlastics today to learn more about PEI materials and our Bee Plastics services.

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