POM material



POM, also known as polyformaldehyde, is a high-performance plastic with excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, wear resistance and chemical stability, and is widely used in various industrial fields.

Product characteristics: 

Excellent mechanical properties: high rigidity, high strength, high toughness and low coefficient of friction;
Heat resistance and wear resistance: able to maintain stability under high temperature and pressure conditions;
Chemical stability: not easily corroded by chemicals;
Good processing properties: can be injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, etc.

Application industries:

POM plastic is widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery, medical equipment, toys and other fields, such as the manufacture of automotive parts, sensors, bearings, gears, electrical parts, etc.

Colors: POM plastic can be made into various colors, such as white, black, transparent, etc.
Performance Report Form
Material Properties Numerical value
Density 1.41 g/cm³
Melting point 165-175℃
Heat deflection temperature 110-130℃
Tensile strength 60-80 MPa
Bending strength 95-125 MPa
Bending modulus 2,000-3,000 MPa
Impact strength 3-8 kJ/m²

Our custom plastic processing advantages:

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