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Application of plastic materials in parts
As the properties of engineering plastic materials and special plastic materials are recognized by more companies, the market for machines and other parts are increasingly using plastic products. Traditional machinery in the gears, bearings, turbines, guides, pulleys and other parts using engineering plastic materials has become very popular, plastic materials have: light quality, shock absorption, low noise, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, easy processing, lower prices compared to metal, small coefficient of friction, high productivity, high production accuracy, good air tightness, easy assembly, good toughness, not easy to break.
Plastic products are divided into engineering materials and special materials, respectively for the general environment use of materials and special use of materials in the environment, according to the different use of our beeplastic can provide the corresponding materials.
Plastic materials applied
PEEK:High chemical resistance even at high temperatures High hardness, stiffness and strength
Excellent resistance to fatigue and stress cracking
Good resistance to high-pressure water and steam without significant degradation
Easy to process and fabricate.
UL94V-0 flammability rating Suitable for continuous use at application temperatures up to 250°C.
POM: Has a very low coefficient of friction and good geometric stability, making it particularly suitable for making gears and bearings. It is also used for piping devices, lawn equipment, etc. because it also has high temperature resistance properties. It is easy to decompose at high temperatures and is commonly known as race steel because of its high hardness.
Rubber: It has strong flexibility and elasticity, and is rarely used for single injection molding.
PS: used in product packaging, housewares, toys, electrical equipment, etc., divided into GPPS and HIPS two. Material performance is reflected in the flexibility and hardness of the two limits, is the most widely used civil plastic, production according to the needs of the ratio, GPPS improved SAN can be used to replace PMMA.
PP: Strong flexibility, good adhesion, good fluidity, high stability, because there is no degradation at high temperatures, unmodified PP is used for screw cleaning, commonly known as Baijiao glue.
PET: Used in automotive industry, electrical components, industrial applications, etc. It has certain flexibility, strength, good mechanical properties, easy to decompose and carbonize under high temperature, mostly used for forming of internal parts of electrical appliances and external wearable parts.
PEI: Used in the automotive industry, electrical and electronic equipment, product packaging, aircraft interior equipment, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It has strong toughness and strength, good mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, high insulation, and can replace part of the metal forming.
PC: Widely used in electrical and commercial equipment, appliances, transportation industry, etc.. With strong toughness, high hardness, weak light transmission, poor liquidity, because of good performance used widely, commonly known as bulletproof rubber, a kind of engineering plastic, transparent materials are also used for mirror body forming.
PA: Has a certain toughness, good fluidity of the material, good impact strength, corrosion resistance, good mechanical strength, wear resistance characteristics, also used in the manufacture of bearings. The material is highly absorbent and must be kept dry and reduce the contact surface with air. The mold development must pay attention to the parting surface and the exhaust slot of the slider at the early stage.
ABS: Has a certain toughness, surface gloss, super easy processing, appearance characteristics, low creep and excellent dimensional stability and very high impact strength. A total of more than one hundred different grades, depending on the grade of the material, there are different variations in terms of performance, a wide range of uses of engineering plastics.
HDPE: Used for refrigerator containers, storage containers, household kitchenware, sealing caps, etc. Higher density, relative molecular mass, higher crystallinity, flexible texture, good chemical stability, low water absorption, the higher the molecular weight, the worse the flow characteristics of the material, but have better impact strength.
PTFE: sheet and bar is a profile made of polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) is commonly known as plastic king, Teflon, Teflon. This material is basically resistant to all chemicals except some fluoride and alkaline metal liquid, and can be used in a wide range of temperatures -180- 260℃.
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