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Plastic materials for food processing and packaging machinery applications
From rigid packaging to today's pursuit of both lightweight and environmentally friendly and safe modern food, which is not only the pursuit of food industry standards, but also the requirements of consumer awareness, while for the food and beverage industry, machinery and equipment related to plastic parts, but also must meet health standards and consumer safety. If these plastic parts are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as appropriate "food contact substances", the final product will not be able to enter the market. A "food contact substance" is any substance intended to be used as a component of a material used in manufacturing, packaging, wrapping or shipping.
The most commonly used plastic in the food and beverage industry is food grade UHMW-PE, which may be involved in almost any part of the food production cycle (conveyor belts, bushings and rollers) Food grade acetal, often used as a replacement for nylon in high moisture applications, as well as small and delicate metal parts. Food grade acetal was one of the first plastics to be sold in blue. The blue color is most commonly used in the food industry because of its high visibility, which is very helpful in identifying plastic contamination in food.
In order to provide the safest packaging solutions, it is important to fully understand which plastics are restricted by food safety. In this regard, beeplastic has designed custom plastic applications for customers in the food and beverage industry, starting from the properties of the customer's products, through all aspects of R&D, design and production, with safety and environmental protection as the criteria, and using beeplastic's advanced equipment and large and experienced team of engineers as a grip, combined with the properties of plastics.
Application of beeplastic plastic material
1.PP, can be made into any food plastic packaging, such as food plastic bags, food plastic boxes, food straws, food plastic parts, etc., safe and non-toxic and low-temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, PP is the only plastic can be put into the microwave oven heating, the company's exports of transparent cylinders on both sides of the lifting handle crane to injection molding with very good results, sealing solid and environmentally friendly, and has a high strength folding performance Reach 50,000 times, falling from a height will not break.
2.PET, plastic is often used to make plastic bottles, beverage bottles and other products, people often purchase plastic mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles are PET packaging products, belong to the food-grade plastic material.
3.HDPE, plastic commonly known as high-density polyethylene, has a high use temperature, hardness, mechanical strength and chemical resistance is good. It is a non-toxic and safe material, commonly used in the production of plastic containers for food, undershirt bags, supermarket shopping bags, convenience bags and garment bags.
4.PS is often used for bowl noodle boxes, fast food boxes, disposable food packaging boxes, etc. It has good cold resistance.
5.PC plastic can be used to make sports cups, water bottles, bottles, etc. It is widely used in the production of plastic containers.
Plastic material properties of beeplastic
Low-friction, wear-resistant plastics - These materials are suitable for use as guide rails, chain guides, curved rails and wear strips. Low-friction, wear-resistant plastics offer a variety of benefits, including
  • Impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Chemical and stain resistant plastics - These plastics have excellent resistance to a variety of harsh chemicals, including corrosive foods and cleaning solutions.
  • High temperature resistant thermoplastics - High temperature resistant materials are widely used in the baking industry.
Food processing related production applications
  • Food conveying - To ensure efficient and smooth operation, the rollers on the belts that transport food from one machine to another must have good sliding and wear resistance.
  • Industrial Tubing - Plastic products are used for industrial tubing applications in a range of industries, including aerospace, food technology, electrical engineering and electronics, medical technology and mechanical engineering, with consistent safety.
Decisively choose beeplastic
Since its inception, Beeplastic has been providing high-quality machined and fabricated plastic parts for a wide range of industries and applications using cutting-edge industrial plastics. We offer a variety of production methods - including advanced CNC machining, solvent and adhesive bonding - to manufacture fully customized customer-specific parts.
To realize your vision, Beplastic's engineering staff will work with you on material selection, sizing and design to ensure the final product meets all of your exact needs.
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