UV Spray Printing

Plastic UV painting printing technology

UV spray printing on plastic

As your one-stop custom plastic processing company, in the face of market changes and customer needs, beeplastic has built a clean workshop for plastic spraying and introduced advanced plastic spraying equipment to help you customize your plastic. Make your plastic products more beautiful.


Beeplastic has a professional painting and printing process to make your customization more beautiful.

Beeplastic's plastic coating process is UV lamp light curing paint, with high hardness, high gloss, high fullness, good adhesion, good flexibility and excellent wear resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance, yellowing resistance, chemical resistance and other properties.

Beeplastic specializes in the surface treatment of plastic products, of which there are many processes, such as electroplating, silk-screening, spraying, etc., of which plastic surface spraying is one of the most widespread forms of coating production. requirements.

Scope of application:It can be suitable for surface coating of ABS or PVC, PC, PS, PMMA, Bakelite, epoxy plastic parts and spray plastic primer.

UV spray printing on plastic

What is UV spray printing?

The use of UV is a surface treatment process for plastic injection molded parts, generally after UV treatment of the surface of plastic injection molded parts, can make the product surface effect brighter, and not easy to be scratched.

UV paint is ultraviolet light curing coating (ultraviolet curing coating) UV paint for short, and PU, PE, NC paint to film-forming substances named in a different way, UV paint is named after the way the paint is cured, it is a kind of ultraviolet light (ultraviolet, UV for short) under the irradiation can be quickly cured in a few seconds into a film of paint. Compared with the general solvent-based coatings, UV spray curing is fast and does not pollute the environment.

Advantages of UV:
1, high hardness. The highest hardness up to 5 ~ 6H, but cell phones, camera products generally do not do too high hardness, because the hardness is too high, inevitably other physical properties will be reduced, such as flexibility, etc.
2, fast curing speed, high production efficiency. 3, room temperature curing, very suitable for plastic workpiece, does not produce thermal deformation; 4, excellent coating performance, UV coating after curing the crosslink density is much higher than the hot baking type coating, so the coating in hardness The performance indexes of the coating in terms of hardness, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance, gasoline resistance and other solvents are very high; especially the film is rich and glossy; 5, UV paint used in the light curing process in the shower paint pollution-free, is a recognized green products than PU paint more environmentally friendly.

UV spray printing on plastic

Beeplastic's professional plastic coating and printing process technology combined with advanced coating equipment, whether your needs are large or small, our coating processing center can handle the job. Please feel free to leave the job to us at beeplastic.

Our equipment and technology can perfectly achieve your customized results. Use beeplastic's professional plastic coating service to finish your perfectly beautiful plastic products, and beeplastic can also package your specific requirements on the box markings for free.

Immediately send your drawings to beeplastic@beeplastic.com, allowing you to get your customization at the best price.

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