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High Strength 90A Polyurethane Shim Sheet - Oil & Wear Resistant Gasket

High Strength 90A Polyurethane Shim Sheet - Oil & Wear Resistant Gasket

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High Strength 90A Polyurethane Shim Sheet

Our polyurethane shim sheet is made of 90A polyurethane material that provides excellent strength and durability. With a hardness of 90A, this plastic shim can withstand high pressure without deforming.

Key Features:

  • High strength and rigidity
  • 90A hardness for stability under pressure
  • Oil resistant
  • Wear resistant surface
  • Dimensional stability
  • Easily cut into custom shims and gaskets


This strong polyurethane sheet is ideal for use as shims, spacers, wear pads, and gaskets in industrial machinery where oil resistance and wear resistance are needed. The 90A hardness makes it suitable for high load conditions.

Use this oil resistant plastic shim for:

  • Filling gaps as shims and gaskets
  • Providing wear surfaces on machine parts
  • Noise dampening and vibration absorption
  • Sealing against oil and lubricants

It can be easily cut to custom shapes and sizes to fit your specific application. The material will not warp or deform under compression.

Provide effective sealing and insulation in your equipment with this high strength 90A polyurethane sheet. Order today!


Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 22100801

Our High Strength 90A Polyurethane sheet shim offers oil-resistant and wear-resistant cushioning for heavy-duty applications. Its high-strength plastic shim ensures lasting performance and durability, meaning you can rely on its reliable performance each and every time!

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