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The Hottest Trends in ABS Plastics - Colors, Textures, and More

 ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic is a common thermoplastic polymer used in many consumer products, toys, electronics housings, automotive parts and architectural details. Known for its durability, strength and ability to be injection molded into complex shapes, ABS plastic has been a go-to material for manufacturers and builders for decades.

But while ABS plastic has traditionally come in basic colors and glossy or matte finishes, new trends have emerged that enable ABS to be molded into a stunning array of textures, patterns, and vibrant colors. Consumer desire for individuality, visual interest, and tactile appeal has driven these innovative new ABS plastic options that make products and architectural details pop.

From matte textures, to marbleized effects, to neon brights, here are some of the hottest new trends in ABS plastic materials, textures, and chromatic options making waves in everything from cell phone cases to home furnishings.

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic

Matte Finishes Provide Understated Elegance

Once relegated to being high-gloss and shiny, ABS plastics are now available in stylish matte finishes for a more sophisticated, upscale aesthetic. This means products traditionally made with ABS plastic can now have a more muted, soft-touch effect instead of the shiny plastic look.

Matte ABS offers a number of advantages:

  • Provides a more premium feel and understated elegance, like the texture of finely milled soapstone or anodized metals.
  • Is simultaneously trendy yet timeless, with broader appeal than glossy finishes which can sometimes read as cheap or dated.
  • Is less prone to showing fingerprints, smudges, hairline scratches, and other signs of wear and tear over time compared to glossy plastic. Maintains a 'like new' appearance for longer.
  • Offers better grip and traction compared to slippery gloss finishes. This improves usability, safety, and control.

As such, matte finishes are growing in popularity for all kinds of ABS plastic applications, including:

  • Cosmetics packaging - Lipstick tubes, compacts, palettes, and cosmetic cases benefit from the upscale, soft-touch finish of matte ABS plastics.
  • Consumer electronics - Matte plastics have a modern high-tech look that appeals to gadget-lovers, and prevent embarrassing smudges on devices like phones, tablets, and laptops.
  • Appliances and kitchenware - The understated elegance and subtle sheen of matte finishes give appliances and kitchen tools like stand mixers, utensils, and storage containers a premium yet practical feel.
  • Office accessories - Desk organization and tech accessories like matte monitors, docking stations, and desk caddies blend into professional office spaces seamlessly while resisting fingerprints from heavy use.
  • Architectural accents - Doorknobs, handles, light switch plates, molding and trim pieces gain vintage appeal and versatility when produced in matte ABS plastics. Also used for decorative wall panels and dividers.

ABS plastic  palettes

Brands and manufacturers looking to elevate their products should consider incorporating matte textures into their ABS plastic products, packaging, and displays. The on-trend matte effect provides sophisticated edge at affordable production costs compared to metal, wood, or glass materials.

Metallic and Holographic Finishes Add Eye-Catching Intrigue

Once largely solid, static colors, ABS plastics are now available with metallic, foil, chrome, and even holographic finishes that attract the eye while connoting luxury. The addition of these dimensional, light-reflecting finishes makes ordinary plastic products and fixtures into dazzling focal points.

Metallic textures apply a thin, real metal foil layer to plastic materials through a vacuum metallization process. This allows ABS plastic parts to mimic the look and feel of advanced metals like stainless steel, anodized aluminum, titanium, and more for a fraction of the cost. Benefits include:

  • Provides sleek, cutting-edge aesthetic for products and architecture
  • Simulates luxury materials like brushed metal, chrome, and polished steel
  • Distinctive metallic sheen is eye-catching and intriguing
  • Can simulate anodization colors like emerald, sapphire, and gold
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant metal coatings protect the plastic underneath

Metallized plastics are popular in:

  • Electronics - Devices like headphones, laptops, and tablets gleam with metallic headphone bands, housings, bezels, and details for visual pop.
  • Auto Interiors - Chrome and color accents on dashboards, console trim, shifters and handles provide sporty flair.
  • Appliances - Refrigerators, stoves, and other appliances gain upscale appeal with metallic finishes along handles and doors. Stainless steel look is timeless.
  • Furniture - Metallized plastic legs, accents, and hardware provide mid-century modern and contemporary appeal.

In addition to metallic foils, holographic finishes are also emerging. These use light-reflecting micro-layers to add spectacular rainbow-like dimension and mesmerizing multi-toned effects. Holographic ABS plastic can mimic the entrancing depth of opals and oils for one-of-a-kind products.

custom ABS plastics

Faux Wood Grain ABS Offers Organic, Eco-Friendly Appeal

Nature is timeless, and faux wood grain ABS plastic provides consumers with the aesthetic benefits of natural wood without depleting precious forest resources. Using a molded-in pattern that mimics the organic look and feel of real timbers, wood grain ABS imparts beauty and warmth to products and architectural details in an eco-friendly production method.

  • Provides realistic, natural wood look without cutting trees
  • Warm, organic texture inferior to real wood
  • Consistent grain patterns and colors
  • Will not warp or crack like real wood
  • More durable, scratch resistant, and moisture tolerant than solid timber
  • Can be sawed, routered, and machined like real wood for versatility
  • Stainable and paintable to match any décor
  • Endless applications, both indoor and outdoor

faux wood grain ABS plastic

Faux wood ABS is popularly used in applications like:

  • Furniture - Tables, chairs, beds, and shelves provide the pleasing aesthetic of rich grained wood without heavy weight or risk of warping. Durable, consistent, and family/pet friendly.
  • Cabinets/Doors - Kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, garage storage solutions, interior/exterior doors gain rustic character and charm with faux wood grain textures molded into ABS plastic components. Provides authentic wood look without swelling and temperature fluctuations.
  • Molding/Trim - Interior crown molding, chair rail, window trim, wainscoting panels, and baseboards crafted of wood grained ABS plastic install easily and provide ageless appeal. More moisture tolerant than real wood.
  • Decorative pieces - Wall planking, decorative bowls/vases, candle holders, and more provide natural zen when molded from ABS plastic designed to mimic timber, bamboo, teak, and other woods.

ABS plastic Furniture

For beautiful wood inspired style without the cost or environmental impact of solid lumber, faux wood grain ABS offers the best of both worlds.

Marbleized ABS: Sophistication of Natural Stone at a Fraction of the Cost

    Faux marble ABS opens up so many possibilities for adding opulence with minimal maintenance. Some ideal applications include:

    • Bath/Kitchen - Shower walls, tub surrounds, backsplashes, countertops, and flooring gain incredible aesthetic appeal when cast in marbleized ABS plastic. Won't stain or degrade like real marble.
    • Furniture - Tables, desks, cabinets, chairs, and shelving dazzle with the addition of marble ABS details like tabletop inserts, decorative legs, and hardware accents.
    • Wall Décor - Dimensional wall panels, wainscoting, fireplace surrounds, column accents, and trims crafted of marbleized ABS plastic provide showstopping sophistication.
    • Accessories - Vases, trays, canisters, tissue box covers, and objets d'art shine when produced in stained marble-look ABS plastic.

    Faux marble ABS plastic

    For exceptional stone-inspired beauty at a reasonable price point, marbleized ABS plastic delivers in home décor, construction, and consumer products.

    Vibrant Neon and Pastel ABS Plastics Inject Youthful Fun

    Consumer desire for playful self-expression and colorful personality has led to a surge in bright, vibrant ABS plastic color options ranging from bold neon brights to soft, enticing pastels. These saturated, on-trend hues provide eye-catching appeal for products aimed at kids, teens, and youthful minded demographics seeking to make a lively color splash.

    Dynamic neon ABS colors like lime green, orange, hot pink, and electric blue evoke a sense of fantastical fun with their high-energy hues. When molded into products, architecture, and signage, neon bright colors demand attention in the best possible way.

    For more subdued yet equally fun looks, a range of on-trend pastel ABS colors are also widely available, spanning mint, lavender, peach, powder blue, and more. These soft yet effervescent tones provide an irresistable pop of color that inspires smiles.

    ABS plastic colors

    Some creative ways youthful vivid ABS plastic colors are being utilized include:

    • Toys & Sporting Goods - Frisbees, playsets, infant toys, skateboards, protective gear, and more utilize neon brights and pastels to stimulate kids' developing minds and eyes.
    • Kitchenware - Plates, cups, utensils, storage containers, and appliances like stand mixers and toasters gain energy and flair with brightly colored accents.
    • Tech Accessories - Tablet cases, phone chargers, laptop bags, and other tech gear pops with translucent neon ABS or pearlescent pastel cases and details. Protects with personality.
    • Home Décor - Vibrant accent furniture like chairs, stools, and decorative pieces liven up living spaces. Pastel details also provide a soothing color infusion.
    • Office Supplies - Notebooks, pen/pencil cases, organizers, whiteboards, and desk accessories encourage creativity.

    ABS material toys

    Youthful, vivid ABS plastic colors are a simple way to infuse ordinary products with spirited uniqueness that enlivens the spirit.

    Iridescent and Galaxy ABS Finishes Dazzle with Dimensional Depth

    Seeking to create products with mesmerizing visual intrigue? Look no further than iridescent and galaxy-inspired ABS plastic finishes. These innovative technologies layer color-shifting films and holographic sparkles within plastic materials to achieve hypnotizing depth reminiscent of opals and nebulae.

    Iridescent ABS treatments give products an oil slick-like array of magical rainbow colors that shift and shimmer as lighting and viewing angles change. This ever-evolving dance of colors provides organic depth that captures attention.

    Galaxy ABS finishes build on the magic by incorporating holographic flecks that twinkle like distant stars against richly pigmented backgrounds of deep purple, cobalt blue, and midnight black. These finishes evoke the vast mysteries of outer space.

    Some enthralling applications for iridescent and galaxy ABS plastic include:

    • Electronics - Phone cases, keyboards, headphones, and laptops dazzle with colors that flow and shine like cosmic phenomena. Equal parts beauty and function.
    • Home Décor - Wall panels, furniture accents, lighting, vases, and more mesmerize when cast in otherworldly iridescent and galaxy ABS plastic finishes. Creates focal points.
    • Accessories - Jewelry, handbag hardware, footwear, sunglass frames, and more captivate with colors that impress as both glitzy and artsy.
    • Auto Interiors - Custom dashboards, shifters, interior trim pieces, and wheel accents display hypnotic visuals reminiscent of nebulae to enhance the driving experience.

    Bring spectacular new dimension to otherwise ordinary ABS plastic products, architectural details, and décor by specifying iridescent or galaxy treatments. These technologies offer affordable means of achieving one-of-a-kind aesthetics.

    ABS plastic products

    Soft-Touch Textures Enhance Comfort and Appeal

    In addition to eye-catching colors and dimensional finishes, ABS plastics also now offer enhanced tactile appeal. New molding technologies allow for super-soft, ultra-matte finishes that feel exceptionally smooth to the touch. Textures range from velvet-like, to leather, silicon, powder matte, and custom etched patterns.

    These cozy softened textures not only feel sublime, they provide lasting aesthetic appeal and grippable functionality:

    • Provides appealing sensory experience - we gravitate toward what feels good!
    • Ultra-smooth textures increase perceived value and quality.
    • Matte finishes hide fingerprints and signs of wear and tear.
    • Improved grip vs. slippery glossy plastics for control and usability.
    • Distinctive etched textures for added visual interest and easier handling.
    • Custom molding enables unlimited possibilities for shaped comfort.

    Some clever applications of soft-touch textured ABS plastics include:

    • Consumer Electronics - Phones, laptops, tablets, gaming controls, and charging accessories gain enhanced tactile appeal with velvety or leather-like finishes. Improved grip prevents drops!
    • Kitchen Tools & Appliances - Soft-touch kitchen tools, small appliances, cutlery handles, and cookware provide both ideal grippability and pleasing hand-feel to improve the cooking experience.
    • Interior Finishes - Ultra-matte powder-soft wall panels, wainscoting, molding, and millwork add soothing textural interest to living spaces when cast in matte ABS materials.
    • Furniture - Sofas, office chairs, rockers, and other upholstered furniture gain cozy appeal with soft-hand backing materials and matte external hardware.
    • Medical Devices - Crutches, canes, wrist braces, and handles/grips for surgical tools benefit from the improved comfort and control offered by softened ABS plastic textures.

    With custom molding technology making virtually any texture possible, the opportunities to refine ABS plastics are endless for manufacturers and industrial designers seeking a competitive edge.

    ABS plastic housing

    Future ABS Plastic Trends and Possibilities

    ABS plastic has come a long way from the scratch-prone beige appliances and electronics housings of yesterday. Thanks to material science innovations like injection printing, 3D sculpting, and in-mold decorating processes, ABS plastic now provides beauty, depth, and texture once achievable only through much higher cost materials.

    Looking ahead, some intriguing possibilities include:

    • Digital Printing - This emerging technology will allow endless patterns, photographs, and complex graphics to be digitally printed onto ABS plastic for mass customization.
    • Smart Surfaces - ABS plastic with integrated LEDs, touch sensors, and other technologies will enable interactive walls, fixtures, interfaces, and displays.
    • Bioplastics - ABS enhanced with natural fillers like rice husks, coffee grounds, and cork promise even greater sustainability and custom aesthetics.
    • 3D Forming - As 3D printing improves, ABS plastic's capacity for modeling infinite shapes will expand product design possibilities.
    • omniCoatings - Self-healing surface coatings will endow ABS plastic with scratch resistance and longevity like never before.

    With ABS plastic dominating markets from consumer goods to architecture due to its versatile performance, the coming decades will see continued imaginative enhancements that make products more beautiful, compelling, and environmentally progressive than ever before.

    ABS plastic has come a long way from its origins in the 1950s! Material scientists and industrial designers continue pushing the boundaries of aesthetic possibility while retaining ABS' inherent practicality and manufacturing efficiency. Exciting advancements lie ahead.

    ABS plastic handle


    From sophisticated matte finishes, to textured metallic foils, to marbleized opulence, today's ABS plastics offer seemingly endless possibilities to elevate ordinary products into objects of intrigue and desire. Vibrant colors, dimensional patterns, and tactile textures enable ABS to achieve premium aesthetics in affordable, mass producible plastic components.

    Consumer tastes increasingly value uniqueness, visual impact, and enticing sensory experiences - all benefits available through innovative ABS plastic treatments utilizing cutting edge molding and printing technologies.

    Brands seeking to attract new audiences and breathe intriguing new life into existing product lines would do well to explore the spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures now achievable with ABS plastics. The "plastic fantastic" evolution continues opening new realms of possibility.

    custom ABS material

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