PEEK plastic

Custom PEEK Plastics - Meeting Your Specific Industrial Needs

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is an engineering thermoplastic that has become highly valued for its exceptional performance in demanding industrial applications. With its high strength, heat and flame resistance, and chemical stability, PEEK plastic can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different industries. This article will explore the benefits of customized PEEK plastics and how they enable engineers to optimize material properties for their particular use case.

PEEK plastic

Introduction to PEEK Plastic

PEEK is a high-performance plastic that belongs to the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family. It offers an excellent balance of mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties:

  • High tensile strength and durability - retains properties even after long-term use in harsh environments
  • Resistant to high temperatures - can operate continuously at 480°F (250°C)
  • Chemically inert - highly resistant to acids, bases, oils, and solvents
  • Inherently flame retardant with low smoke emissions
  • Biocompatible and sterilizable for medical applications
PEEK Temperature Range

With its unique properties, PEEK has become the top choice for replacing metals in critical components across aviation, healthcare, energy, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industrial sectors. Customizing PEEK to application-specific shapes, grades, and machined features unlocks even more value from this versatile material.

Customizing PEEK Shape and Dimensions

One of the key benefits of PEEK is that it can be manufactured into customized shapes, sizes, and finishes to match the design requirements.

PEEK plastic stock shapes like rods, plates, tubes and sheets can be produced in different custom lengths, widths, diameters to fit the exact dimensional needs. Custom PEEK plastic rods and tubes are commonly used for connectors, mechanisms, fluid handling parts, and electrical insulators in industrial equipment. Custom cut PEEK plastic sheets find applications in mechanical parts, wear pads, and electrical insulation.

The ability to injection mold PEEK also allows creating plastic components in complex and precise 3D geometries. This is especially useful for small, intricate shapes with tight tolerances. Industries like aerospace, automotive, and healthcare utilize custom molded PEEK plastic parts to consolidate multiple components into a single molded part, saving weight and assembly costs.

Custom Machining PEEK Plastic Parts

In addition to custom molding and stock shapes, PEEK plastic parts can also be machined to achieve very tight tolerances, smooth surface finishes, and complex geometries that may not be possible through molding alone.

CNC machining is commonly used on PEEK plastic sheets, rods, and molded blanks. It enables creating intricate features like precision holes, slots, threads, and chamfers. PEEK's machinability is good compared to other high-performance plastics, making it suitable for machining small, delicate components.

Custom CNC machined PEEK plastic parts are ideal for applications like aerospace bushings, semiconductor vacuum chucks, food handling equipment, and medical devices. Machining services can also add custom secondary operations like laser etching graphics or markings on PEEK parts.

PEEK parts

Custom PEEK Solutions for Different Industries

The unique properties of PEEK plastic make it suitable for highly demanding applications across aviation, healthcare, food processing, and other industrial sectors. PEEK can be customized with special grades, coatings, and machining to meet the specialized needs of each industry:


Aircraft and aerospace applications require lightweight, flame-retardant parts that can perform in extreme environments. Custom PEEK bushings, compressor blades, and engine components help meet these needs while saving weight over metal parts. PEEK's radiation resistance also makes it suitable for satellite and nuclear applications.

Healthcare and Medical Devices

With excellent biocompatibility and sterilization capability, PEEK is used for orthopedic implants like spinal cages and replacement joints. Custom PEEK plastic machining enables specialized medical instruments like dental picks and endoscopy components. Radiolucent grades of PEEK allow implants to be imaged without distortion during X-rays and CT scans.

Food Processing and Handling

For food contact applications, PEEK offers inertness, resistance to food acids, and an ability to withstand repeated sterilization cycles. Custom PEEK plastic parts like tubing, valves, and scraper blades help prevent corrosion and contamination during food processing.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

PEEK's ultra-high purity, electrical insulation, and dimensional stability at high temperatures make it ideal for semiconductor vacuum chucks, wafer handlers, and chemical process equipment. Custom machined PEEK parts help protect silicon wafers from damage during manufacturing.

PEEK parts

Benefits of Customized PEEK Plastics

Customizing PEEK provides engineers and product designers several advantages over using standard catalog parts:

  • Optimized mechanical properties for the operating environment
  • Lighter weight by consolidating multiple parts into one
  • Reduced assembly time and costs
  • Improved dimensional precision and tolerances
  • Ability to add custom machined features as needed
  • Parts designed to maximize performance and lifespan

Custom PEEK solutions also minimize the need for secondary processing like drilling, tapping, and refinishing after fabrication. This saves both time and cost.

PEEK parts

PEEK’s unique ability to be customized to specific requirements makes it an invaluable material for critical industrial applications. Custom PEEK plastic shapes, grades, coatings, and machining enable engineers to design parts tailored to maximize performance, lifespan, and reliability. With the help of experienced PEEK plastic manufacturers and machinists, custom PEEK offers an optimal balance of properties and value for the most demanding environments across aviation, healthcare, energy, food processing, semiconductor fabrication, and other sectors.

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