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PU Elastic Rubber Sheet - Oil and Wear Resistant Damping Plate

PU Elastic Rubber Sheet - Oil and Wear Resistant Damping Plate

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If you are looking for a durable and flexible rubber sheet that can withstand oil, abrasion, and vibration, then you need the PU Elastic Rubber Sheet from Bee Plastic.

This rubber sheet is made of high-quality polyurethane (PU), which is a synthetic material that combines the elasticity of rubber and the strength of plastic. PU rubber sheet has excellent resistance to oil, wear, tear, and aging, making it ideal for various industrial and engineering applications.

The PU Elastic Rubber Sheet also has good damping properties, which means it can absorb shock and reduce noise. This makes it suitable for use as a damping plate, cushioning pad, gasket, seal, or insulation material.

The PU Elastic Rubber Sheet is available in different thicknesses (1mm, 2mm, and 3mm) and sizes (200x200mm, 200x500mm, 300x300mm, and 500x500mm) to meet your specific needs. You can easily cut, drill, or glue the rubber sheet to fit your project.

Order the PU Elastic Rubber Sheet today and enjoy the benefits of this versatile and reliable rubber material. Whether you need it for machinery, equipment, vehicles, or DIY projects, you can trust the PU Elastic Rubber Sheet from Bee Plastic to deliver high performance and long-lasting results.


Type1: Polyurethane Sheet

Type 2: PU Elastic Rubber Sheet

Thick: 1/2/3mm

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Size: 200x200mm 200x500 300x300 500x500mm

Shape: Flat Gasket

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Polyurethane Sheet

Material: Rubber

Material: Polyurethane

Hardness: 75A

Elastic Rubber Sheet: Oil, wear, corrosion, shock absorption

Color: Translucent yellow

This 1/2/3mm Thick Polyurethane Sheet PU Elastic Rubber Board is a great choice for your projects, designed for flexibility and durability. With oil and wear resistance, it is perfect for use in damping plates, offering superior performance and reliability. Choose from multiple size options and the performance you need.

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