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Polyurethane or Oxford Coupling Washers: Vibration Isolation, Shock Absorption, and Sealing

Polyurethane or Oxford Coupling Washers: Vibration Isolation, Shock Absorption, and Sealing

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Experience superior vibration isolation and shock absorption with our polyurethane and Oxford materials coupling elastic buffer washer. Perfect for industrial, automotive, construction and other machinery and equipment, this washer guarantees optimal sealing and pin shockproofing. Get the best coupling washer for sale from our reliable supplier!

Our coupling elastic buffer washers are made of high-quality polyurethane or Oxford materials, which are durable and provide excellent vibration isolation, shock absorption, and sealing performance. They are suitable for a variety of applications, including:

  • Industrial machinery
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Other machinery and equipment


Brand Name: Beeplastic

Origin: Mainland China

Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

Material: Polyurethane

Shape: Ring Gasket

Model Number: B5-149

Packing quantity:

Size 10X20X5mm 10pcs,Size 14X27X7mm 10pcs,Size 18X35X9mm 10pcs,Size 24X45X12mm 5pcs,Size 35X56X13mm 5pcs,Size 38X71X18mm 2pcs,Size 45X85X19mm 2pcs


Material: Polyurethane or Oxford materials

Colour: Yellow,as picture. Oxford materials are semi transparent, while polyurethane materials are opaque.

Size:Inner diameter x outer diameter x thickness (unit: mm)

For example Size 10X20X5mm mean is Inner diameter 10mm,Outer diameter 20mm,Thickness 5mm.

The dimensional error of polyurethane materials is smaller than that of Oxford materials.

Durometer hardness: Shore hardness 75-80

Usage: it can reduce noise, reduce vibration, elastic rebound, heat insulation, waterproof, etc. It is widely used.

Characteristics of polyurethane:

1. Wide hardness range. It still has the elongation and resilience of rubber under high hardness.

2. High strength. Compared with rubber, the tensile strength, tear strength and load-carrying capacity of polyurethane are much higher than that of rubber. Under high hardness, its impact strength and bending strength are much higher than that of plastics

3. Wear resistant. Its wear resistance is very excellent, about 3-5 times that of rubber.

4. Oil resistant. Polyurethane plate is a kind of strong polar polymer compound, which has little affinity with non-polar mineral oil and is hardly eroded in fuel oil and machine oil.

5. Good oxygen and ozone resistance, not easy to be oxidized.

6. Excellent anti vibration performance, can absorb vibration, and can be used for vibration reduction and buffering. In the mold manufacturing industry, it replaces rubber and spring.

7. It has good low temperature performance.

8. Radiation resistance. Polyurethane has good resistance to high-energy radiation, and still has satisfactory performance under 10-10 Gy radiation dose.

9. It has good machinability. (it can be processed by lathe, milling machine, grinding machine and drilling machine) You can machine it into any shape.

10. Long service life.Cut with precision equipment without burrs.High quality products can meet industrial and household use.

Differences between polyurethane and Oxford materials:

Polyurethane is yellow and opaque. Its hardness is slightly harder than that of Oxford material. It is more pressure resistant, wear-resistant and more accurate in size.

The color of Oxford materials is yellow, translucent, softer, more elastic, and the size may be wrong.

Polyurethane has more advantages than Oxford materials. It is recommended to purchase polyurethane gaskets.

If you need more flexible Oxford materials, we can also send them at the same price. Please leave a message.

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