Nylon Gasket

The Versatile Benefits of Nylon Gaskets and Seals in Auto, Plumbing, Electronics, Furniture & More

Nylon gaskets and seals are found in a wide range of applications, providing reliable sealing across industries from automotive to plumbing and beyond. With excellent chemical resistance and durability over a wide temperature range, nylon has become a popular gasketing material where reliability and performance are critical.

Nylon Gasket

What Are Nylon Gaskets and Seals?

Nylon gaskets and seals are sealing products constructed out of nylon plastic polymer. Nylon is one of the most commonly used engineering thermoplastics due to its favorable combination of properties. Some key attributes that make nylon a top choice for gasketing and sealing applications include:

  • High strength and stiffness
  • Resistance to gasoline, oil, and other chemicals
  • Ability to perform through a wide temperature range from -40°F to over 200°F
  • Good abrasion and wear resistance

Nylon gaskets and seals are available in a variety of stock shapes and sizes, such as nylon o-rings, nylon washers, nylon spacers, and custom nylon gaskets. They are commonly produced in nylon 6/6, a widely used type of nylon that offers a robust combination of mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

Nylon Gaskets

Nylon Gaskets & Seals for Automotive Engines

In automotive applications, nylon gaskets and seals are found throughout the engine to contain fluids and lubricants. Common examples include:

Nylon Oil Pan Gaskets

The oil pan on the bottom of the engine block uses a gasket to seal the joint between the oil pan and engine. Nylon gaskets are a popular choice as they withstand engine oil temperatures while providing a tight seal. Nylon's ability to conform to uneven surfaces improves sealing reliability.

Nylon Valve Cover Gaskets

The valve cover encloses the camshaft and valves. Nylon valve cover gaskets maintain a seal against hot engine oils. Nylon's high heat resistance prevents common gasket failures.

Nylon Intake Manifold Gaskets

These nylon gaskets seal the interface between cylinder head and intake manifold. Nylon withstands coolant temperatures while resisting degradation.

Nylon engine gaskets maintain strong seals to keep oil, coolant and combustion gases contained even through extreme temperature swings under the hood. Nylon's design flexibility allows cost-effective gaskets tailored to complex part geometries.

Nylon Plastic Gaskets

Keeping It Sealed: Nylon Gaskets in Plumbing

In plumbing systems, nylon gaskets and o-rings provide reliable sealing for pipe connections and joints.

Nylon O-Rings

Nylon o-rings are commonly used as gaskets between pipe fittings, valves, and connections. Nylon's excellent chemical resistance enables sealing performance against aggressive cleaning agents and diluted acids/alkalis used in plumbing.

Nylon Pipe Washers

Nylon washers placed between pipe joints create a tight seal. Nylon washers maintain their sealing properties even when exposed to moisture and water for extended periods, unlike some other plastic materials.

Resilient, Anti-Corrosive Sealing

Overall, nylon plumbing gaskets withstand chemical exposure that causes natural rubber seals to degrade over time. Unlike metal gaskets, nylon plastic seals resist corrosion. This provides long-lasting sealing reliability.

Protecting Sensitive Electronics with Nylon Enclosures

Electronics enclosures and housings commonly use nylon seals to protect internal components from the elements.

Nylon Lid Seals

Nylon seals around lids and access panels keep dust and debris out of enclosures. Nylon's inherent lubricity allows repeated disassembly/reassembly while maintaining a tight seal.

Resilient Sealing Through Temperature Changes

Nylon gaskets maintain sealing through the temperature fluctuations that electronics can experience during operation and storage. Nylon's resilience allows the seal to stay intact where rigid plastics may fail.

Effective Moisture Protection

Nylon o-rings around enclosures keep sensitive electronics dry. Nylon provides an economical sealing option vs expensive rubber gaskets for moisture protection.

Nylon's chemical resistance also prevents seal degradation from common industrial fumes and vapors for electronics used in harsh environments.

Nylon Washers

Keeping Furniture Secure with Nylon Washers

Furniture manufacturers take advantage of nylon's vibration resistance, stiffness, and lubricity to prevent loosening.

Leveling Feet

Nylon washers placed under screw-in leveling feet for tables, chairs, and shelving units help maintain proper furniture stability. Nylon prevents the feet from loosening over time from small vibrations.

Handles and Pulls

Nylon spacers and washers behind handles and pulls allow smooth operation while preventing wobble and loosening. Nylon washers reduce wear between hardware and furniture material.

Eliminating Squeaks and Wobbles

Nylon washers installed during furniture assembly also eliminate squeaks and wobbles by reducing friction between joining parts. The result is sturdy furniture that remains tightly assembled over years of use.

Why Choose Nylon Over Rubber and Metal?

Nylon offers significant advantages over other popular gasket and seal materials like rubber and metal.

Temperature Resistance

Nylon retains sealing capabilities across a broader temperature range than rubber gaskets. Nylon maintains flexibility and resiliency from sub-zero temperatures up to over 200°F.

Chemical Resistance

Nylon washers, gaskets and o-rings resist chemical exposure that causes rubber seals to degrade over time. Nylon's inert plastic material is unaffected by oil, fuels, cleaners, or diluted acids/alkalis.

Corrosion Resistant

Unlike metal gaskets, nylon plastic seals will not corrode when exposed to moisture. Nylon spacers maintain stable dimensions and sealing properties over the long term.

Cost Effective

Nylon is an economical alternative to high-performance metals or specialty rubbers. It allows cost-effective seals tailored to applications from automotive engines to electronics.

Design Flexibility

Nylon's excellent machinability and ability to mold into custom shapes allows gaskets tailored to complex joint geometries. Nylon materials can be blended for application-specific properties.


With its outstanding sealing capabilities across a wide temperature and chemical range, nylon has become ubiquitous as a gasket, o-ring, and washer material where reliability is critical. Nylon gaskets and seals enable optimal performance and safety in automotive engines, plumbing systems, sensitive electronics, assembled furniture, and more. For the best combination of economy, flexibility, and resilience - consider nylon for your next gasketing application.

Nylon washers
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