PEI Plastic

The Strength and Versatility of PEI Sheets for Aerospace Applications

Polyetherimide (PEI) sheets have become a top choice for many demanding aerospace applications due to their exceptional high temperature dimensional stability. This article will explore the unique advantages of PEI sheets and their widespread use across the aerospace industry.

PEI Plastic

An Overview of PEI Materials

PEI, also known as polyetherimide, is a high-performance amorphous thermoplastic with outstanding mechanical strength, heat resistance, and flame retardancy. Aerospace grade PEI offers even higher resistance to UV and radiation exposure. Popular PEI sheet trade names include ULTEM, EXTEM, and others.

Key Properties of PEI Sheets

As a lightweight structural material for aircraft interiors and components, PEI sheets exhibit excellent high temperature stability (service temps up to 170°C), low creep, high mechanical strength, and low density - making them ideally suited for the rigors of aerospace use. PEI sheets also demonstrate superior flame retardancy and electrical insulation properties.

PEI processed part

Aerospace Applications

ULTEM PEI sheets are extensively used in aircraft interiors for first class and business class cabins. They are also popular for light covers, flight data recorder housings, and other interior structures where aesthetics and performance are paramount. In addition, PEI sheets are increasingly being used for satellite and spacecraft components that must withstand extreme thermal and radiation fluxes.

Aircraft Interiors

Within commercial and private aircraft, ULTEM PEI sheet is the go-to thermoplastic for lightweight yet durable interior structures. ULTEM offers an ideal balance of stiffness, strength, and damage tolerance - allowing thin and complex geometries. The low flammability and smoke density supports aircraft safety. Popular interior uses include:

  • Lavatory shrouds and sinks
  • Galley structures
  • Partition walls and liners
  • Ceiling panels
  • Decorative laminates
  • Lighting covers
  • Insulation blankets

ULTEM's ability to thermoform into varied shapes with crisp details allows striking aircraft interiors that would not be possible with other plastics or composites. The material is also easily machinable, bondable, and repairable for efficient manufacturing and maintenance.

PEI processed parts

Avionics Housings

The high dielectric strength and stiffness of ULTEM PEI sheets make them suitable for structural housings that protect sensitive aircraft electronics and avionics. PEI's inherent flame retardancy enhances safety. Common examples include:

  • Flight data recorder enclosures
  • Navigation/communication system boxes
  • Control surface actuator covers
  • Wire bundle conduits
  • Radome shells
PEI frames

Spacecraft Components

Aerospace grade PEI sheets meet rigorous outgassing standards, making them useful for structural spacecraft elements. The high stiffness, strength, and thermal capabilities of PEI materials enable lightweight structures that can withstand launch stresses, radiation, and extreme temperature swings. Space uses include:

  • Antenna substrates
  • Insulation panels
  • Reflectors/collimators
  • Instrument housings
  • Solar panel substrates

The exceptional performance properties of PEI sheets make them a material of choice for many demanding aerospace and aviation requirements. Their mechanical strength, resistance to extreme temperatures, and lightweight nature provide an ideal combination of attributes for aircraft and spacecraft designers. As aerospace technologies continue advancing, PEI sheets will remain at the forefront enabling the next generation of high performance structural designs.

PEI rods
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