ABS plastic material

The Strength and Durability of ABS Plastic - Ideal for Your Toughest Applications

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic is one of the most widely used and versatile thermoplastics today. With its inherent strength, durability and impact resistance, ABS is the go-to material for products that need to withstand tough conditions. 
ABS material processing

Key Properties Making ABS a Strong and Durable Plastic

ABS offers exceptional mechanical properties that make it suitable for demanding applications across industries like automotive, electronics, consumer appliances and toys. Some of the key properties include:
  • High tensile strength and stiffness - ABS has a tensile strength ranging from 45 to 60 MPa, giving it the ability to resist breakage under load. The high modulus of elasticity lends rigidity and dimensional stability.
  • Resistance to stress cracking - ABS withstands prolonged exposure to stresses and harsh chemicals without cracking or crazing.
  • Heat resistance up to 180°F - Although not for extreme temperatures, ABS maintains its properties through typical heat cycles during production or use.
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance - The sturdy ABS material holds up well to moderate wear and friction over time.
  • Impact strength down to -40°C - Even at freezing temperatures, ABS retains its signature impact resistance and toughness.

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ABS Applications Taking Advantage of Strength and Durability

The unique combination of strength, chemical resistance and easy formability makes ABS the design engineer's go-to plastic for the following demanding applications:
  • Automotive - ABS is commonly used in car interiors like dashboards and door panels, bumper bars, and other parts that must survive vibration and weather extremes.
  • Electronics - Computer keyboards, monitors, printers and other components benefit from the durability and heat resistance of ABS housing and covers.
  • Appliances - ABS sheets stamped into shape make durable refrigerator liners. The material is also used for vacuum cleaner bodies to withstand collision impacts.
  • Toys - ABS is the plastic of choice for LEGO bricks which must couple together securely. It's also used for tough toy vehicles and skateboard decks.
  • Medical Devices - Device housings, diagnostic tools and other components exposed to repeated stresses and cleaning rely on hardwearing ABS plastic.

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Key Takeaways on ABS Plastic as a Strong and Durable Choice

ABS plastic has proven itself across decades of use in the most challenging applications. It maintains consistent performance across a wide temperature range from sub-zero cold to over 175°F heat. The thermoplastic can be easily injection molded into complex, detailed shapes. Compared to metals, ABS is lightweight, corrosion resistant and cost-effective in many use cases. It can be recycled at end of product life. When you need a plastic that can withstand the toughest conditions, ABS is the ideal choice.
For demanding applications where strength, impact resistance and durability are critical, rely on ABS plastic. The versatile material combines useful properties and will outperform under harsh conditions for years. Talk to our experts about how ABS can provide the ideal solution for your specific application needs.
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ABS plastic material
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