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The Essential Guide to PPS Plastic Sheets - Properties, Applications and Benefits

PPS, or polyphenylene sulfide, plastic sheets offer exceptional performance properties making them a top choice for many demanding applications. This guide provides an overview of PPS plastic sheets, their key attributes, major uses, and benefits compared to other thermoplastics.
PPS plastic sheet is an engineering thermoplastic valued for both high temperature resistance and chemical resistance. It maintains its excellent mechanical properties even after repeated exposure to steam, acids, bases, and organics. PPS offers performance similar to much more expensive peek plastic but at a more affordable price point.
PPS plate and bar

Key Properties of PPS Plastic Sheets

PPS sheets exhibit several unique properties that make them suitable for challenging environments:
  • High Heat Resistance – Retains structural integrity up to 212°F (100°C). It does not melt or deform at high temperatures.
  • Chemical Resistance – Inert to most mineral acids, bases, and organic solvents. PPS has excellent resistance to hydrocarbons, fuels, oils and greases.
  • Dimensional Stability – Very low moisture absorption and coefficient of thermal expansion results in parts that hold tight tolerances.
  • Electrical Insulating Properties – Wide-ranging dielectric strength and high arc resistance. Can insulate at extreme temperatures.
  • Mechanical Strength – Strong and rigid material with high tensile and flexural strength. Maintains properties after impact.
  • Resistance to Creep Deformation – Does not deform permanently under high static loads or vibration.

PPS processed parts

Major Applications and Uses

With its stellar resistance to heat and chemicals, PPS plastic sheet has become the go-to material for:
  • Chemical Processing Equipment – Tanks, containers, valves and pipes for corrosive chemicals.
  • Semiconductor Parts – Wafer carriers, connectors and diffusers able to withstand heat cycling.
  • Automotive Components – Gaskets, pumps, electronic parts that see high heat under the hood.
  • Food Processing Equipment – Cookware, trays, and parts able to endure repeated sterilization.
  • Lab Equipment – Beakers, test tubes and parts that contact caustic/acidic chemicals.
  • Pump and Valve Parts – Diaphragms, impellers and casings resistant to fuels and oils.
  • Sterilizable Medical Devices – Can withstand repeated autoclave sterilization cycles.

PPS Bearings

Benefits and Advantages of Using PPS

Choosing PPS over other plastic materials offers a number of benefits:
  • Withstands Repeated Sterilization – Unlike other plastics, PPS maintains integrity after hundreds of autoclave cycles.
  • Strength in Harsh Chemicals – PPS outperforms even exotic plastics in acidic and caustic environments.
  • Low Moisture Absorption – Provides dimensional stability in wet applications where other plastics would swell.
  • Electrical Insulating Properties – Insulates well at extreme temps without burning while also resisting arc tracking.
  • Material Purity – Low risk of contamination as PPS does not contain additives or mineral fillers.

Sourcing Quality PPS Plastic Sheets

When sourcing PPS plastic sheet, consult manufacturer data sheets and confirm:
  • Brand – Look for reputable brands like MITSUBISHI, Techtron, Quadrant, and Ensinger.
  • Compliance Testing – Check for UL listed, RoHS, REACH, and FDA compliant grades.
  • Thickness Tolerance – Tighter tolerances (±5%) improve part quality and consistency.
  • Sheet Size – Large size sheets (48"x96") minimize the need for bonding seams.
  • Surface Finish – Smooth mirror polish finish allows for bonding, printing or painting.
With its exceptional temperature and chemical resistance, PPS plastic sheet offers lasting performance where other plastics fall short. For demanding applications, from chemical processing equipment to auto parts, PPS is the material of choice. With proper design and fabrication, PPS plastic parts deliver safety, durability and long service life.
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