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The Best Nylon Fabrics for Outdoor Gear and Apparel

Outdoor enthusiasts demand a lot from their clothing and gear. Whether hiking through forests, climbing rocky cliffs, or camping in all weather, performance and durability are key. Nylon has become one of the most popular materials for outdoor apparel and equipment due to its advantageous properties.

nylon rope

Key Characteristics That Make Nylon Ideal for Outdoor Use

Nylon fabrics like Cordura and Supplex offer several benefits that make them well-suited for the great outdoors:

Strength and Abrasion Resistance

Nylon is intrinsically strong and stands up to abrasion very well. This abrasion resistant nylon is good for items like pants, packs, and tents that undergo a lot of wear and tear. Studies show nylon retains over 50% of its strength after being rubbed 30,000 times with sandpaper. The material is also highly tear resistant. This durable nylon fabric means longer lasting performance and less need for replacement.

Lightweight Flexibility

Though robust, nylon material is lightweight. A significant advantage is that nylon weighs much less than natural fibers like cotton or wool. This lightweight nylon fabric makes clothing and equipment more comfortable to wear and carry over distance. It also allows freedom of movement which is essential for hikers, climbers, and other active pursuits.

Weather Resistance

Nylon dries quickly and resists absorbing water and moisture. Its hydrophobic properties make nylon naturally water repellent while coatings can enhance waterproof nylon abilities. This keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry in rain, sleet, or snow. Yet nylon remains breathable which prevents interior condensation buildup.

Easy Care and Maintenance

Nylon gear cleans up nicely after dusty, muddy outdoor trips. Simply using soap and water is often sufficient. Nylon equipment and clothing is also quick drying so less time is spent waiting to get back outdoors.

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Where Nylon Excels for Outdoor Apparel and Gear

The benefits of nylon make it well-matched for these common outdoor uses:

Hiking and Camping Gear

Hiking boots, tents, and camping equipment get put through their paces and need to withstand the elements. Lightweight nylon hiking boots help prevent fatigue over long distances. Durable nylon tent fabrics hold up against gusting winds and don't retain moisture like cotton. This nylon camping gear outperforms traditional canvas.

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Outerwear and Pants

Nylon jackets, pants, and shell layers protect outdoor enthusiasts from the external environment. Waterproof nylon jackets paired with breathable interior linings provide optimal moisture protection and comfort. Abrasion resistant nylon pants stand up to branches and underbrush when bushwhacking or climbing without weighing you down.

Active Sportswear

Whether running trails, rock climbing, or paddling rapids, active sports demand unrestricted mobility. Breathable nylon clothing for high exertion activities wicks moisture to keep athletes dry and comfortable. This active wear stretches with an athlete's body while providing durable performance.


From cinch sacks to wide-brimmed hats, nylon accessories round out an outdoor wardrobe. Lightweight and packable nylon bags conveniently store gear. Nylon hats shield from the sun and can even float if blown into the water.

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Exciting Innovations in Outdoor Nylon Fabrics

Advancements in nylon fabric technology continue to improve performance and durability:

Enhanced Abrasion Resistance

New manufacturing techniques like filament weaving increase tensile strength and abrasion resistance for nylon outdoor pants and gear. This boosts long-term durability when dragging knee pads over rock or testing jacket sleeves against granite.

Improved Water Resistance and Breathability

Chemical enhancements to nylon plus specialized coatings, like durable water repellent (DWR) finishes, optimize weather protection and breathability. This next generation of waterproof nylon and moisture wicking abilities keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry without drenching them in sweat.

Flexible Stretch Blends

Mixing nylon with spandex creates four-way stretch fabric blends with enhanced mobility. This combination of durability and flexibility accommodates dynamic athletic movement in activities like climbing or downhill skiing.

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The Future Looks Bright for Nylon Outdoors

Nylon has secured its reputation as a top performing fabric for outdoor apparel and equipment. From tents to trekking poles, nylon’s unique balance of strength, weather resistance, breathability and lightweight versatility outshines other materials. Exciting new outdoor apparel made of nylon textile technologies will continue advancing what is possible for outdoor adventurers. The future is bright when gearing up with nylon for heading outdoors.

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