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Custom Fabrication of Fiberglass Boards - Unique Solutions for Your Project

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) boards, commonly known as fiberglass boards, offer durability, strength and corrosion resistance that makes them highly adaptable materials for industrial applications. When these boards are custom manufactured to meet your specialized requirements, the applications are endless.

Our custom plastic and fiberglass board fabrication shop has over 10 years of experience creating specialty fiberglass boards for niche uses across industries. We collaborate with clients to understand their specific mechanical, dimensional and performance requirements. Then we handle the entire manufacturing process from precision cutting, laminating, machining, bonding and finishing to produce made-to-order fiberglass boards that are tailored to your application.

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Applications and Benefits of Custom Fiberglass Boards

Fiberglass boards stand apart from materials like wood, plastic and metal because of their advantageous properties:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Impact absorption and dent resistance
  • Fire retardancy and electrical insulation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dimensional stability across temperatures
  • Ease of fabrication and installation

These characteristics make fiberglass the material of choice for demanding applications like:

  • Marine shipbuilding - hulls, decks, bulkheads
  • Aerospace - floors, ducts, cowlings
  • Construction - roofing, siding, structures
  • Transportation - bus bodies, truck cabs, trailers
  • Industrial - tanks, pipes, fume hoods

With our custom plastic fabrication capabilities, we can manufacture fiberglass boards suited for niche applications like:

  • Protective equipment cases
  • Storage tank covers
  • Fume containment enclosures
  • Large ductwork or tubing
  • Marine components like rudders or consoles
  • Machined robotics parts
  • Press dies and tooling fixtures
  • Signage and architectural shapes

Beyond standard rectangular boards, we can produce custom sized fiberglass boards, curved boards, boards with cutouts - any shape your application requires through our precision custom fiberglass fabrication processes. Our high quality standards ensure the finished boards have smooth surfaces, sealed edges, and consistent physical properties.

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Our Custom Manufacturing Process

We work closely with clients starting right from the design phase to create fiberglass boards tailored to their needs through our made-to-order process:

Design Collaboration

Our engineers collaborate with you to determine:

  • Board dimensions and custom sizes
  • Board thickness and density
  • Layering materials such as resins or reinforcing fibers
  • Required physical properties - strength, flame resistance etc. -Machining and fabrication requirements - holes, cutouts, bends etc.

We can create virtual 3D models of the custom boards to enable visualization and design finalization.

Precision Manufacturing

Leveraging CNC equipment, we cut fiberglass fabrics and resin impregnated mats to the exact custom specifications. These layers are then laminated under pressure to fuse together into boards with the required properties.

For custom fiberglass board cuts, our waterjet cutter can slice through boards up to 6 inches thick with no heat damage. We also have CNC milling to trim edges or carve repeated patterns.

Quality Control

Throughout the curing, trimming and finishing process, we perform rigorous quality checks to ensure the custom manufactured fiberglass boards meet the required visual, dimensional and mechanical standards. This gives clients confidence in using the finished boards for their intended application.


Once the specialty fiberglass boards are ready, we prepare them for optimized shipment via sea, road or air. Safe and on-time delivery is our commitment. Clients can also inspect or pick up orders from our factory.

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Customization Options

Our made-to-order fiberglass boards can be customized in terms of:


  • Length and width - From a few inches to 40 feet long fiberglass boards in custom widths.
  • Thickness - From thin sheets to thick 6 inch boards.
  • Shape - Flat sheets, curved boards, boards with bends, etc.


  • Fiber reinforcements - Options like fiberglass, carbon fiber or aramid fibers.
  • Resins - Polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester based on requirements.
  • Core materials - Wood, plastic or foam cores for sandwich composites.
  • Coatings and finishes - For aesthetics, UV resistance or corrosion protection.


  • Precision board cuts - Waterjet cutting to custom shapes and holes.
  • Edge finishing - Routed edges, sealed edges, beveled edges.
  • Surface textures - Embossed, sanded, or grit-coated finishes.
  • Joining - Custom bonding and laminating of boards.
  • Machining - Milling, drilling holes, tapping threads etc.

Performance Properties

  • Fire and flame resistance
  • Thermal or electrical insulation values
  • High or low smoke emission
  • Moisture and water absorption levels

This range of customization options makes our specialty fiberglass board fabrication perfect for niche applications. We welcome you to bring us even the most unique requirements so that we can deliver tailored solutions. Our team has produced custom fiberglass board products such as:

  • Curved truck bed liners
  • Replacements for metal machine safety guards
  • Large ducting with antibacterial resin for medical uses
  • Cut-to-fit recreational vehicle cabinetry
  • Low smoke emission panels for metro rail cars
  • Exterior plastic building signage resistant to weathering
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Applications Across Industries

Fiberglass boards produced through our custom plastic board manufacturing have served specialty uses across multiple industries:


  • Custom boat hulls, decks, consoles etc.
  • Storage tank covers for corrosive chemicals
  • Watertight and non-skid decking panels


  • Specialty roofing or siding with high insulation
  • FRP trench covers for industrial sites
  • Public bathroom dividers with embedded graphics


  • Insulated refrigeration truck bodies
  • Dust-proof motor housings and enclosures
  • Lightweight yet sturdy custom plastic boards for trailers


  • Flame-retardant panels for aircraft cabins
  • Custom ducting or flooring for planes and helicopters
  • High-strength and lightweight boards for structures

Even if your project involves exposure to high heat, corrosive substances, outdoor weathering or strict regulatory compliance, our custom fiberglass fabrication experts can deliver. With our flexible made-to-order plastic boards capabilities, we can manufacture specialty boards optimized for your needs.

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Get a Custom Quote for Your Project

To get started on your specialty custom plastic or fiberglass board fabrication project, contact us today to provide details on your requirements, quantities and application. We will respond with a customized quote for engineering, prototyping, fabrication and delivery. With our responsive team and manufacturing expertise, we make it easy to get specialized fiberglass boards tailored for your needs!

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