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ABS vs PVC Plastic: Which is Better for Your DIY Project?

DIY projects using plastic materials like ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) have become increasingly popular. With the rise of 3D printing and the wide availability of materials, more and more hobbyists are leveraging plastics for home improvements, crafts, prototypes and more. But when it comes to choosing between the two, which plastic is right for your next DIY endeavor?

In this comparative analysis, we’ll examine the key differences, pros and cons, and ideal uses for ABS vs PVC to help you determine which is better suited for your upcoming project.

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Main Differences Between ABS and PVC Plastic

While both are popular thermoplastics, ABS and PVC have distinct differences when it comes to their composition, properties, and performance.


ABS is made up of three monomers:

  • Acrylonitrile provides chemical and thermal stability
  • Butadiene provides toughness and strength
  • Styrene gives the rigid, glossy finish

PVC is made up of the monomer vinyl chloride, which is mixed with additives to enhance certain qualities. Some of these additives can include stabilizers, lubricants, and impact modifiers.


ABS has a higher tensile strength and is more rigid and sturdy than PVC. This makes it more ideal for products that need to withstand higher mechanical stress.

PVC’s softer, more pliable nature makes it better for applications like tubing, pipes, and other flexing uses.

Temperature Resistance

ABS retains its integrity and properties in higher temperature conditions compared to PVC. ABS has a glass transition temperature between 105-125°C compared to PVC which starts experiencing degradation at temperatures exceeding 60°C.

This makes ABS preferable for projects which require heat tolerance like enclosures for electronics. PVC is better suited for low-heat applications.

Chemical Resistance

PVC tends to have better chemical resistance than ABS, especially to acids, bases, salts, and oxidizing agents. This allows it to stand up better in harsh outdoor environments.

ABS is prone to stress cracking when exposed to certain chemicals like acetone or strong solvents. This makes PVC a better choice for chemically-demanding applications.

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Key Factors When Choosing ABS or PVC

When deciding which plastic is right for your specific DIY project, keep these key considerations in mind:

Indoor vs. Outdoor Use

If your project will live outdoors, PVC’s weathering properties make it a better choice as it stands up to sun, rain, and temperature fluctuations.

For indoor use, ABS provides a nice glossy aesthetic and is less prone to UV degradation.


ABS has an attractive, glossy surface finish that maintains a smooth appearance. PVC can also be glossy but is easier to produce in a matte or textured finish.

If the look and feel of your final product is important, weigh the aesthetic qualities. ABS lends a sleek, polished look while PVC offers more versatility.


ABS is typically easier to work with, offering smooth edges when sawing, routing, drilling or machining compared to PVC which can crack or split more easily. This makes ABS preferable for detailed parts or prototypes.


In general, PVC tends to be a more affordable plastic option compared to ABS due to availability and demand. This can make it favorable for large projects or functional applications where appearance is less important.

Best Uses for ABS Plastic

Here are some of the most common DIY and hobbyist applications where ABS plastic shines:

Indoor Household Items and Fixtures

For any home improvements like organizing systems, storage bins, or displays, ABS is an excellent choice given its strength, appearance, and durability when kept indoors.

3D Printing and Model Prototyping

ABS is widely used for desktop 3D printing filament and to create prototype models or parts thanks to its capacity for detail, precision, and smooth edges.

ABS 3D Printing

Electronics Enclosures and Cases

Since ABS can withstand higher temperatures, it is commonly used to house electronics like routers, media players, Rasberry Pi cases, and more.

DIY Crafts and Accessories

From picture frames, jewelry, and phone cases to decorative accents, hardware, and plenty of other crafts, ABS's glossy, stylish finish adds nice visual appeal.

Best Uses for PVC Plastic

Here are some common scenarios where PVC plastic is the top choice:

Plumbing and Drainage Systems

Thanks to its durability and water resistance, PVC is heavily utilized for pipes, gutters, and fittings across drainage and plumbing systems.

Outdoor Structures and Furniture

For lawn furniture, garden planters, outdoor enclosures and more, PVC stands up well to sun exposure, moisture and temperature swings compared to ABS.


PVC is a popular choice for flooring across homes and commercial spaces like kitchens, basements, bathrooms and more as it resists scratching and water damage.

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Garden Hoses and Lawn Care Accessories

With flexibility, UV resistance and cost-effectiveness, PVC is ideal for gardening tools, sprinkler systems, water hoses, and irrigation components.

Summary and Recommendations

When selecting between ABS and PVC plastic for your DIY project, consider:

  • Temperature Sensitivity - If high heat is a factor, opt for ABS plastic over PVC.
  • Chemical Resistance - PVC offers superior chemical durability for harsh outdoor environments.
  • Strength Requirements - For structural integrity under stress, ABS is the strongest choice.
  • Aesthetics - Glossy ABS lends a sleek, attractive look compared to textured PVC.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor - PVC better withstands weathering making it ideal for outdoor uses.

With proper planning and material selection, both ABS and PVC plastics can work well for DIY hobbyists and innovators. Evaluate your project’s specific demands and environment to decide which option makes the most sense. And most importantly, enjoy the process of creating something unique with these versatile materials!

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